Breakthrough Could Memory Storage Into

‘UltraRAM’ breakthrough could merge storage and RAM into …

Jan 12, 2022 — Scientists from Lancaster University say that we might be close to combining SSDs and RAM into one component. “UltraRAM,” as it’s being …(1)

Jan 11, 2022 — Scientists from the Physics and Engineering Department of Lancaster University in the UK have recently reported a breakthrough in their research …(2)

Nov 16, 2021 — Researchers made a discovery related to linear-probing hash tables that could lead to more efficient data storage and retrieval in computers …(3)

Jan 11, 2022 — UltraRAM breakthrough could finally fuse RAM and storage into a single package. This could accelerate the transition to “in-memory computing …(4)

Scientists at technology giant IBM have achieved a breakthrough in memory storage. The team were able, for the first time, to demonstrate storage of 3 bits …(5)

Jan 10, 2022 — Researchers have pondered over this novel memory type for several years due to its highly attractive qualities, and the latest breakthrough …(6)

Jan 12, 2022 — The technology is still in fairly early stages. It’s not exactly brand new, either; the scientists who came up with it first published their …(7)

For the first time in history, researchers were able to store 3 bits per cell in PCM arrays, making optical disk storage technology far more powerful than …(8)

Jul 18, 2016 — To create the data storage device, Otte starts with a copper plate that’s been randomly peppered with chlorine atoms, leaving plenty of blank …(9)

Sep 25, 2018 — WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The world is storing more data than ever before and that’s a trend that will only increase, so we need revolutions …(10)

Data Storage Breakthrough Could Store the Library of Congress on a Dust Mite. The densest data storage device ever invented.(11)

Nov 19, 2020 — FeRAM has emerged as the next-generation memory semiconductor to replace the existing DRAM or flash memories, as it is faster, uses less power, …(12)

Dec 2, 2021 — The world is producing more data than we can store, but a solution could be the very molecule that contains our genetic code.(13)

May 17, 2016 — ZURICH, May 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — For the first time, scientists at IBM (NYSE: IBM) Research have demonstrated reliably storing 3 bits of …(14)

Jan 31, 2003 — The breakthrough could impact significantly the multi-billion-dollar storage industry. Their work is supported by the National Science …(15)

Dec 3, 2021 — But help could be on the way — and not the help you’re probably expecting. Two groups of researchers have recently taken important steps towards …(16)

Feb 4, 2008 — A heater in the cell (the dark vertical line) heats the material so that can change states. Previously, only two states were used. Intel has now …(17)

Feb 27, 2022 — Feb 27, 2022 The findings, published today in Nature, pave the way for developing smaller, faster, and more efficient data-storage devices built with …(18)

Mar 3, 2022 — As with most things, nature’s data storage system, DNA, far surpasses anything we’ve created. Now, researchers have doubled its already …(19)

May 3, 2022 — Engineers have developed a way to mass-produce diamond wafers that could store (25 Exabytes) the equivalent of a billion Blu-ray disks on a …(20)

Apr 17, 2018 — Atomristor technology could be the world’s thinnest memory storage device. The update to scalable memristor technology promises benefits for …(21)

Nov 30, 2021 — A team of MIT researchers has made a breakthrough in the storage and retrieval of data in computers. New research from MIT’s CSAIL on …(22)

IBM Scientists Achieve Storage Memory Breakthrough › watch › watch(23)

Dec 6, 2021 — Microsoft says storing digital data on synthetic DNA now viable … As the volumes of data produced globally continue to surge, so do attempts to …(24)

Jan 11, 2022 — The paper published by a team of five physicists in the UK has been spotted in the market where a new generation of memory could be built …(25)

Saving data from memory to storage in one process stage in order to transfer it to another stage creates a save/load cycle that can be 15 minutes or more.(26)

Scientific breakthrough cures memory loss in mice – Thred

May 18, 2022 — This rejuvenated memory capacity was thanks to the youthful CSF fluid boosting specialised cells in the hippocampus (the area of the brain …(27)

Jan 11, 2022 — After all persistent ram like memory has been a thing for a while now, we use it in things like SD cards, however SD cards handle in the order …(28)

The research team has successfully extended the time data can be stored on a prototype quantum super-computer optical hard drive by over one hundred times.(29)

Sep 25, 2018 — The technique also makes the memory rewritable, meaning it could lead to far more efficient types of solid-state drives for computers in the …(30)

Dec 9, 2015 — Unlike conventional hard disks, which read data from a magnetized spinning disc, racetrack memory uses lines of stationary magnetic nanowires.(31)

‘UltraRAM’ breakthrough could merge storage and RAM into one component | Author: Michael Crider – “What’s the difference between memory and …(32)

May 5, 2020 — A team of scientists has taken steps to create a new form of digital data storage, a ”Racetrack Memory,” which opens the possibility to …(33)

Nov 21, 2014 — … of a material that could enable the magnetic storage industry to achieve data-recording densities far beyond today’s computers.(34)

It used a cathode ray tube (similar to an analog TV picture tube) to store bits as dots on the screen’s surface. Each dot lasted a fraction of a second before …(35)

Nov 28, 2021 — A new technology has been developed that allows for digital binary files to be converted into the genetic alphabet, bringing DNA storage one …(36)

Mar 23, 2022 — “A world record for quantum memory” … The new 20-millisecond milestone, however, could be just the breakthrough Afzelius’ team was looking for.(37)

Jan 10, 2022 — In order to create memories to measure, the research team had to come up with new methods to induce a larval zebrafish to learn. They did this …(38)

UAF discovery could mean breakthrough in hard drive storage

Mar 6, 2019 — A breakthrough by a University of Alaska Fairbanks researcher could lead to computer hard drives capable of storing much more data in a …(39)

“Our research opens up potential new avenues to explore why certain dementias and disorders lead to problems recalling long-term memories, which could help pave …(40)

Apr 22, 2015 — Computer researchers have long struggled for a compromise between long and short term memory. New research suggests the answer may lie in high …(41)

Intel® Optane™ Technology — Breakthrough Memory … › optane-technology-unveiled-video › optane-technology-unveiled-video(42)

Mar 10, 2021 — Ok, perhaps something short of Nirvana, but closer. If these scientists are correct, they could revolutionize storage for on-processor last- …(43)

Jul 25, 2018 — Researchers at the University of Alberta have mastered the art of writing computer memory at the atomic level, a new technology which …(44)

Jul 24, 2019 — Researchers know that memories are encoded in the mammalian brain when the strength of the connection between neurons increases. That connection …(45)

May 23, 2016 — It could become a form of universal memory, according to Haris Pozidis, manager of non-volatile memory systems at IBM Research in Zurich. As for …(46)

Flash storage is too slow for your device’s main memory, but RAM is expensive and volatile. Thanks to a breakthrough from IBM, phase-change memory (PCM) might …(47)

Share: A team of physicists from the SFI funded AMBER Centre at Trinity College Dublin have made a new device which could lead to a breakthrough in mass storage …(48)

Apr 28, 2022 — KIOXIA products can be found in numerous Dell solutions for laptop/mobile computing, desktop, data center, and enterprise servers/storage.(49)

Jul 28, 2016 — A team of researchers from the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain has made a major breakthrough in so-called atomic memory — an approach that …(50)

10TB SSDs will soon be a reality with 3D memory … – MacFinder

Dec 10, 2014 — Intel have promised the world 10TB SSDs within two years. A bold claim, but one they believe a breakthrough in 3D memory technology will …(51)

Mar 2, 2022 — The headway made to fuse memory and calculation functions into a paired component provides a gateway to new advances where these same components …(52)

Jun 7, 2021 — In a new paper published in Nature, the Cambridge researchers detail how they’ve used graphene to make HDDs that can store 10 times more data …(53)

A trio of researchers that includes William Kuszmaul — a computer science PhD student at MIT — has made a discovery that could lead to more efficient data …(54)

BACK TO TOP — In a breakthrough that is expected to significantly advance in-memory energy-storage in resistive-random access memory (RRAM) devices, …(55)

Jul 29, 2021 — Scientists have developed a means to create a new type of memory, marking a notable breakthrough in the increasingly sophisticated field of …(56)

Jun 29, 2011 — IBM researchers have made a breakthrough in a new kind of memory chip that can record data 100 times faster than today’s flash memory chips.(57)

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