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Computer Accessories for the Disabled · Keyboards for the disabled. Assistive technology keyboards are popular in many workplaces. · Keyboard & mouse alternatives …(1)

Items 1 – 12 of 22 — Computer & iPad Accessories · Tapio · Beam · Cable Kit · BigBlu Visionboard Large Key Wireless Keyboard · iPad 8 Pin to 30 Pin Adapter · BIGtrack …(2)

Computer access aids include assistive keyboard aids, special needs computer mouse and other input and output devices for physically challenged users.(3)

Joysticks and Trackballs. Joysticks that you usually associate with video games can also help physically challenged people control their computers more …(4)

View our computer aides for users with disabilities, including keyboards, microphone stands, adaptive joystick for a mouse, & more. Order today!(5)

Apr 3, 2022 — Synopsis: Reviews of assistive computer devices including mobile handheld and PC software aids for persons with disabilities.(6)

Quick Facts: Computer Assistive Technology · Sip-and-puff systems – activated by inhaling or exhaling. · Joysticks – manipulated by hand, feet, chin, etc.(7)

Sep 21, 2019 — Products for the Blind/Visually Impaired · AdaptiveVoice – CDesk assistive software/hardware solution for low vision and blind computer users.(8)

Some hardware options include: · Trackballs · Joysticks · Mouse control using a switch and any reliable body part movement · Mouse control via head movement only …(9)

May 10, 2022 — Microsoft is preparing(Opens in a new window) new PC peripherals designed for people with disabilities. That company’s “Adaptive Accessories” …(10)

Facts: Computer Assistive Technology · Sip-and-puff systems – activated by inhaling or exhaling. · Joysticks – manipulated by hand, feet, chin, etc. · Trackballs – …(11)

Adaptive Computer Equipment · See your screen and keyboard more clearly · Text-to-Speech · Mouse and keyboard · Other input devices · Speech-to-text, or speech …(12)

Assistive hardware and software can facilitate computer access for people with disabilities. Assistive technology solutions may involve simple, …(13)

Oct 19, 2016 — Screen Magnifiers: Screen magnifying technology helps people who are visually impaired but not blind to view information on a computer screen.(14)

May 17, 2022 — The project is landmark in that it’s the first assistive hardware that Microsoft has designed for the core PC user, but it’s hardly …(15)

Jun 13, 2019 — Hence, the most popular input devices for the computer are the mouse, joystick, scanner, microphone, webcam, digitizer (digital pencil), or the …(16)

Feb 16, 2021 — Not everyone uses a mouse and keyboard to operate a computer. Alternative input devices give people with mobility impairments different options.(17)

Feb 15, 2010 — Once an exercise in frustration, using a computer is well within reach of the blind and physically disabled with the help of these new and …(18)

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Arm or wrist pads placed in front of the keyboard can be helpful when resting from typing and can help to reduce discomfort and strain. You can also get wrist ‘ …(19)

Special Needs Computers, Workplace Ergonomics & Assistive …https://www.specialneedscomputers.cahttps://www.specialneedscomputers.ca(20)

May 12, 2022 — Microsoft’s new line of adaptive PC accessories is made for people with disabilities · Follow Mashable SEA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, …(21)

A new ecosystem of adaptive accessories from Microsoft. … and anyone who wants to increase their PC productivity. … Go to Disability Answer Desk.(22)

Hardware and software products that enables persons with disabilities to access, … Computer-based output devices that generally enable Blind and Vision …(23)

enPathia: enPathia is an accessible computer control system which enables simple computer access for people with limited mobility. The enPathia was designed as …(24)

Clamp holds tablet computers, ipads, e readers for viewing and touch screen use. … Disability and independence: 7 wheelchair accessories… the wish list!(25)

Computer Accessories ; Computer microphone. image of a computer microphone. Number owned: 1 ; Demco mono/stereo headphones. image of a pair of headphones. Number …(26)

Switch-adapted peripherals: Switch devices allow people with limited mobility to control technology with very small motions, such as a puff of breath or a head …(27)

Boundless Assistive Technology is pleased to offer the worlds finest accessible workstation equipment from brands like Dell, Apple, and Microsoft.(28)

More specific technologies that need additional hardware may be referred to as assistive technology. There are many disabilities or impairments that can be a …(29)

Screen readers are software programs that convert text on a computer screen … It has a screen reader that allows users with reading disabilities to hear …(30)

Assistive Technology for Kids with Learning Disabilities

If your child has a learning disability, he or she may benefit from assistive … been applied to computer hardware and software and electronic devices.(31)

Products to allow access to computers or idevices including alternative keyboards, alternative mouse devices and bluetooth access.(32)

Computer tools designed specifically for those with severe physical disabilities allow for increased self-reliance and a vastly enhanced computing and …(33)

Zenlap offers a range of products chosen for its ergonomics in the compensation of the handicap for people on computer workstation.(34)

Computer proficiency is expected for a variety of tasks, … but if a blind individual has an additional disability that affects typing proficiency, …(35)

Screen magnifiers, one/multiple message-generating devices, laser pointers, and adaptive computer accessories. AT can be High-tech(36)

Examples of assistive devices and technologies include wheelchairs, prostheses, hearings aids, visual aids, and specialised computer software and hardware …(37)

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Gwd Hiidii Handicap Accessories Tools Computer Screen …https://www.alibaba.com › product-detail › GWD-Hiidii…https://www.alibaba.com › product-detail › GWD-Hiidii…Gwd Hiidii Handicap Accessories Tools Computer Screen Hand Control Smart Glasses Handicapped Equipment For Disabled Handicapped , Find Complete Details …Properties: Rehabilitation Therapy SuppliesPackage: OPP packagingSamples: $200.00 /Piece | 1 Piece (Min. Order) | …Function: Portable(38)

Glassouse Wireless Bluetooth Wearable Hands Free Mouse for Gamers, People with Disabilities & Others! +. GlassOuse Puff Switch. Total price:$725.54.(39)

Braille Devices; Head-Pointing Devices; Magnification and Low-Vision Devices; Math Support; Note-Taking Devices; Reading Devices; Ergonomic and Alternative …(40)

Nov 1, 2018 — Contoured keyboard; Tracker ball mouse; Headphones; Text enlarging software; Screen reader software. I did my standard Amazon search but I can’t …(41)

… Computer accessories including specialized keyboards, speakers, microphones, and mice; Braille communicators; Amplified telephones and cellular phones.(42)

If you have a vision impairment, you can obtain a low-cost computer from Computers for the Blind (CFTB). Among other options, you can get a license for MAGic, a …(43)

Resources and Services for Users with Disabilities – Boston …

Adaptive Computer Station Software and accessories: Windows 10 with Microsoft Office 2016 and Microsoft Edge and Chrome browsers, including a Large Screen …(44)

The visually impaired, like many people with disabilities, have been using computers for decades with the help of software and hardware that have continued …(45)

Adapt-IT: Assistive IT technology & Serviceshttps://adapt-it.co.ukhttps://adapt-it.co.uk(46)

Ohio Job Connection will build the accessible tool for individuals with disabilities to use the computer. Hardware and Software. Ohio Job Connection works with …(47)

All of these Bluetooth devices offer a multi-point feature that is easy to access for those with physical disabilities. This allows users to access their cell …(48)

Our wide variety of assistive input devices are specially made to make interacting with a computer an easier and more engaging experience.(49)

The ATU serves people with disabilities of all ages, from children to adults. … Examine alternative computer input hardware and adaptive software to …(50)

Oct 24, 2018 — Computer software and hardware, such as voice recognition programs, … with impaired mobility or other disabilities drive motor vehicles .(51)

Glassouse Assistive Device & Adaptive Switches for Disabledhttps://glassouse.comhttps://glassouse.com(52)

Oct 12, 2012 — The clicks are interpreted by software on the computer, allowing the user to … The hardware can be combined with software that extends the …(53)

DiverseIT is able to provide computers to people with disabilities, seniors, and local nonprofit organizations because of the caring individuals and businesses …(54)

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